Friday’s Hunt v3.13

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re looking for Starts with M, Week’s Favorite, and Water.

Starts with M: The new Outlet MALL being built near us. I hope I don’t regret not keeping this until we get to the letter O. 


Week’s Favorite: Dogwood blossoms


Water: This tangled mass of roots caught my eye–and look! There’s water! Oh, happy day!


You can join the hunt, too! Check out the link below–but you’d better be quick! The link closes at 7:00 p.m. Sunday, CT.

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21 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.13

  1. Lovely photos. Those mass of roots are a fun and gnarly interesting subject.
    I’m amazed at your dogwood blooms. They’re beautiful.
    I hope you enjoy that new mall. It looks an enjoyable place to shop around in.


    • Thanks, E.C. Exposed roots always grab my attention. I didn’t even know the dogwoods were blooming yet, glad I saw those. It’ll be a while before the outlet mall is open. The city is doing major road work in the vicinity to prepare for the influx of traffic into an already busy area. They’re even putting an IKEA in that same area, scheduled to open 2018. I think we’ve finally “arrived!” LOL

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  2. love love those roots in the water. tangled mess is what it is and still beautiful.. ha ha on the O for outlet… O is kind or hard.. I have not seen a dogwood blossom since I moved here in 1984.. yours is so pretty


  3. The dogwood is lovely another sign of Easter and Spring. Love the picture of the roots and water. Very different shot. Have a good week.


  4. That last shot is just perfect – the way you caught the sun on the water and the intrigue of the roots – it’s kind of magical! I think a little water sprite lives there! 🙂 I used to shop at an outlet mall on occasion when I lived in Iowa, but we don’t have them around here. Just as well – I don’t need more stuff! I need to get rid of stuff these days! Gorgeous dogwood – I am (not so) patiently awaiting the arrival of spring, which is still a few weeks away here.


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