Share Your World–March 20, 2017

Share Your World

Here are Cee’s questions for this week. I hope you’ll share your answers, too.

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
That would depend on the day. Some days I’d be the 5-year-old who wants ice cream for dinner, some days I’d like to attempt things I could do physically when I was 30, once in awhile, I feel my real age–or beyond! 

So, you’re on your way out and it’s raining. Do you know where your umbrella is or do you frantically search for it all over your apartment/house?
No, I’d have on my Eddie Bauer raincoat with a hood.

Do you recharge your energy by going out with friends for a good time or by spending quiet time alone?
I typically recharge spending quite time alone, but if I haven’t seen my friends in awhile, they provide the little extra spark.

Name three things you and your spouse, partner, or best friend  to have in common.
1) We have the same address
2) We both like NCIS
3) We prefer to take the road less traveled

Optional Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?
I’m grateful I got to attend the women’s ministry brunch last Saturday; I’m getting a slow-and-steady start on spring cleaning, and look forward to feeling better and accomplishing things. I’m trying something different, I’ve broken the cleaning projects into categories. I’m starting with floors, taking my time; then I’ll move onto another category. It doesn’t seem so
overwhelming this way. 




11 thoughts on “Share Your World–March 20, 2017

  1. we have one umbrella, it lives in the pocket on the back of the drivers seat. it has not been out of that pocket in 10 years, I retired 10 years ago. it rarely rains here and when it does I stay home.
    Hubby and I both like to get up early and go to bed early, we don’t like parties, we both love movies that blow things up, think Lethal Weapon and all things Bruce Willis.
    we are opposites on just about everything else.


  2. Hi Patti ~~ I admire you for using a raincoat. When my old Army raincoat go brittle and the buttons had pretty much fallen off, that was the last raincoat I used. Five to eight year-olds have a nice life, most of them, most of the time. I feel terribly sorry for those whose childhood get ruined by overbearing adults.


  3. Hi Patti! I think you answered for me on #1! So true what you said.
    We don’t use umbrellas but there is one hanging on the porch and one in each vehicle. We just run for it!
    I recharge my energy by spending quiet time alone.
    Three things CH and I have in common…
    quirky sense of humor
    we both love cars
    we love our birds on the Tiny Ten!
    Good Afternoon, Patti!


  4. I bet I haven’t used an umbrella a dozen times in my adult life! I don’t know what age I would be…too bad I cannot go back to a younger age but know then what I know now!

    3 ways hubby and I are alike:
    We both prefer to drive a truck…I had just bought a truck when we met almost 41 years ago and he had just bought one.
    We laugh at a lot of the same things.
    We both like to go fishing.


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