Friday’s Hunt v3.11

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s prompts: Starts with K, Week’s Favorite, and Drink.

K is for colorful Kure Beach, NC

Week’s Favorite–A rare visitor to our yard–Cedar Waxwing

Drink–American Robin and House Sparrow stop by for a drink after work–it’s a tough job to reclaim one’s territory in the spring.

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42 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.11

  1. Nice pictures, Patti. Colorful houses like these on Kure Beach help cheer up the place. I’m not sure where our birds water. Some from swimming pools. I’d really as soon they would water away from here.


    1. Thanks, Jim. The colorful houses are nice to see. A pair of Mallard Ducks used to avail themselves of the neighbor’s pool. I know what they do in the birdbath, I can’t imagine cleaning the pool afterward!


    1. Thanks! We had a wintry day today, but not quite low enough to freeze–it didn’t miss it by much! The wind chill probably was, though. I had to break the ice on the water in the plastic birdbaths on the ground earlier in the week.


  2. Patti, nice pictures! The colorful houses are sweet! What are you using these days for a picture taker? I am thinking about trading my iPhone 6 in on a 7 Plus… was wondering if these were taken with your phone.


    1. Thanks, Pix. I still try my Nikon, but I miss a lot of shots. If I get frustrated enough, out comes the iPhone. We learned of a local fellow who repairs cameras, going to try him next. The iPhone 8 may be out in six months, might want to wait and see what new features it has. The colorful houses were taken with the iPhone 4s. The birds with the Nikon. I wouldn’t have been able to get shots of birds through my kitchen window with the phone. Good evening!


  3. I love that shot of the street. The houses are quite colorful! Great capture of the waxwing. I’m glad we finally have robins back here. Must mean spring! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


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