Friday’s Hunt v3.10

Friday’s Hunt

This week we are searching for Starts with J, Week’s Favorite, and Bird or Wings

Starts with J: The Blue Jay wasn’t cooperating this week, so I snapped a shot of the Yellow-rumped Warbler on the JOB–ever protecting his territory. He’s fluffed his feathers to keep warm, and it makes him look SO MUCH BIGGER. This is my Favorite, and also fills the bill for Bird and Wings!


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36 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.10

    • Thanks, Sandra. He has a tiny yellow spot on his head, and a rounded patch on each flank that peeks out from the wing. They are lovingly nicknamed ‘butter butts.’ There’s your trivia for the day!


  1. Lovely warbler shot – I can’t wait to see the warblers return for the summer. I expect it will be a long time yet. I do see the yellow-rumped warbler here but haven’t seen them since about September. I expect they may return in late April or early May.


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