Friday’s Hunt v3.9

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re looking for Starts with I, Week’s Favorite, and Nose. 

Had been thinking ahead, I would have taken pictures of the beautiful indigo fabrics at the quilt show last weekend. Let me see what I have to illustrate this elusive letter…

How about IVY?


Week’s Favorite: From the quilt show, made by Lois Griffith.


Nose: This cute little nose belongs to Sunny (I think) the Red Panda who is currently missing from our local zoo. I hope this story has a happy ending soon. 


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25 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.9

    • Those quilt makers do some amazing artwork. Sunny’s been missing for about six weeks now. Can’t imagine where she went exploring! They’re asking people in the vicinity to keep an eye out for her.


  1. I hope Sunny is soon returned to the zoo. The quilt is amazing – I love the creativity. Lovely to see something green and growing – not here yet!


    • Still no sign of Sunny, six weeks now! I enjoy seeing the wonderful creations at the quilt show. The ‘green and growing’ is probably poison ivy. I didn’t get close enough to find out! Have a great week! Are you getting hit with the latest snowstorm?


    • There’s some amazing things to be found at the quilt show. I resisted the temptation to buy fibers and such since I haven’t made the embroidery kit I bought last year!


  2. All your photos are pretty. The red panda is adorable. I’m sad it’s missing. I pray for a positive outcome. Bless it’s heart.
    The quilt is beyond words. I’m in awe of the gifted quilter that made it.


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