Friday’s Hunt v3.8

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s we look for Starts with H, Week’s Favorite, and Chiaroscuro or Shadow. I had to look up the meaning of Chiaroscuro–that was new to me. (Contrasting light and shadow).

Starts with H: Hellebores


Week’s Favorite


Chiaroscuro: I hope this qualifies


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29 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v3.8

  1. Hi Patti ~~ I love your “Turtles on Their Log” shot. Ours always are jumping off when they see me coming. I am not familiar with the Hellebores, are they a flowering type used for ground cover? They are pretty, red. You did very good with the Chiaroscuro. My vote is that it qualifies very nicely.
    p.s. Thanks for FB request. “Yes”. Most of my posts are from my blogs’ auto posting.

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    • Thanks! I heard a splash as I approached, so some of the turtles gave up their spot in the sun. Hellebores are a flowering shrub. I was surprised to see all the pretty blossoms had fallen off, yet looked perfectly intact.

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  2. Awwww, turtles!! I love them! What a wonderful favourite. I had a pet turtle when I was a little girl. It was named Myrtle the Turtle. 🙂 Love your echinacea shot – the shadow certainly emphasizes the light on the petals – beautiful!

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    • Thank you! They’ve become one of my favorite flowers. Myrtle is the perfect name for a turtle! My dad wasn’t too fond of turtles, they liked his tomatoes. 😉


  3. I love the hellebore image. They look like someone just threw bright patches across the ground. Fun image of the turtles. Love the cone flower! Thanks for participating in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


  4. The turtles are so cute, Patti! Have noticed that I’ve seen turtles often in groups, so they must be social animals:) The Hellebores and the coneflower beautifully captured:) Thank you so much for sharing all this beauty with ALL SEASONS! Have a great week

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  5. Great photos. I’ve never seen hellebores before. They’re beautiful and so is the cone flower.
    Love the turtles they’re adorable critters.


    • The hellebores grow on a shrub, probably six feet tall. I’d never seen all the blossoms on the ground like that. I wonder if they fall off like that, or someone was deadheading them.

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