Willy-Nilly Friday 5

Willy-Nilly Friday 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. I hope I can come up with five things of interest since I’ve been goofing off flat on my back for a few days.

1. 2017 did NOT start out as I envisioned. By this time this week, I expected to have half the year’s goals marked off my list! What list? Seems I neglected to make one. OOPS. I made a mental note of it. (We all know how THAT works out.) 

2. I envisioned watching the Denver Broncos defend their title throughout the play-off season–which is about to begin, and they didn’t even make it. So sad. 

3. Taylor returned from Guatemala on Christmas eve, and we spent a couple days with the family. We had a lovely Christmas, and no one had to visit the ER this year.


Two years ago

4. Kai-Le celebrated her birthday four days before Christmas, Caedyn turned 12(!) yesterday, and Jae turns ten tomorrow. Today is Gotcha Day, the celebration of the day Kai-Le’s parents and siblings traveled to China and “got” her. We’re all so glad they did! I envisioned spending these days of celebration with them. Since they homeschool, they make their own holiday calendar. 

5. I missed watching the birds at my kitchen window this week. Can you imagine my delight when I finally wandered downstairs and saw Eastern Bluebirds at my feeder? They have NEVER visited in the nine years I’ve been feeding birds. Now if I can just get decent pictures of them! 


A lovely photo of oak branches, but at least there’s (poor) proof of a bluebird!

There’s a lot of unsettled weather in many areas, so stay safe out there. I saw a forecast model that shows 10+ inches of snow for our area. That should shut us down until about June.

Thanks for stopping by! And Happy New Year!

Love you,



33 thoughts on “Willy-Nilly Friday 5

  1. It sounds like this is a wonderfully full family time for you. I quit making lists of goals because too many items lost their sense of importance once written down, and never got crossed off. Too much evidence of laziness.

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  2. It seems that you had a lot to celebrate !

    to your question : Since 2006 or 7 I have 3 blogs. Writercramps is my main blog, Keyholepictures is for photos only and My Cats is only for cats. The links are in my profile !

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    • Yes, it’s a busy time of year for our family with all those birthdays. We still have one more in January! Aha, thanks! I didn’t realize you had multiple blogs, I’ll check that out.


  3. Oh no on being flat of your back, hope you are better now. I have suffered half my life with my back going out. and I did not have stairs to go up and down. Maybe you could visit the penitentiary with me when you feel like it. ROFL on that pun and will be using it in the future. so happy no ER visits and


    • You are the Queen of Punville, Sandra. I’m getting around better, still can’t sit for long, but at least I CAN sit now! Have a lovely day! I know it’s warm there–we have 6-10″ of snow forecast tonight (last I saw, anyway). It’s windy, too! Brrrr


  4. I hate when my low back goes out. I feel for you and hope your back starts feeling better right this second!
    Lots of wonderful family occasions for you to celebrate!
    Excited for you to have a Bluebird… where there is one there are more. We are feeding our Bluebirds mealworms and they are using the heated bath every day.

    Good Morning!

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    • Thank you! Do you use live or dried mealworms? I buy suet cakes that have dried ones in them. The YR Warbler guards it closely–though the Downies and wren don’t pay him much mind. We’d like to hear the birdbath, but we don’t have a good electrical option out there at this time.


      • We use live mealworms and CH feeds the mealworms so they are nice and plump… 😀 We keep the containers in the wine fridge on the porch. We really had to train the bluebirds to come to a certain place at a certain time. We feed them three times a day. They are with the program. We have some chickadees, nuthatches, and a pesky red-bellied that sometimes get in on the action!

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  5. Lots to celebrate- hope you don’t get that much snow! It is finally floating around little flecks of snow here- egads- I imagine the stores are packed! Have a fun weekend!


    • Most of us don’t take talk of snow very seriously here–so many times it amounts to nothing. When our weather radio went off today stating a Blizzard Warning, I decided it must be for real this time. I went to the grocery store to find lots of bare displays in produce, and several shelves throughout the store were empty. There were no empty carts or baskets to be found as I left.


  6. Well, you did it. You came up with lots of interesting things to post. Gotcha day sounds wonderful – what a blessing for her and her parents (and you too, of course!). Stay safe down there – we didn’t get much snow but sounds like our southern friends are covered. Oh, and the bluebirds! Dare I say that the bluebirds of happiness came your way? 🙂

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    • That was my thinking on the Bluebirds, too! Glad you don’t have a lot of snow to deal with. Ours will sneak in under cover of darkness tonight. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen close to a foot of snow.


  7. Sorry to hear your first week of the new year got off to a less than desirable start. Hope your back is getting better. Same thing happened to hubby last year. Oh, well. Get it out of the way and you can go back to doing what you do. That bluebird is so cute!!


    • Thanks, Darlene, I’m doing much better! Our weather was upgraded to a blizzard warning! Now I’ll be snowed in for the weekend–LOL I did pick up some groceries this afternoon. I finally got a decent bluebird shot today! Will have to share it. 😀


    • We enjoy spending Christmas with them. It’s much easier for us to go to them than them to come here. It’s a lot of fun. We still have another birthday later in January! Have you moved, Marie?


  8. Look at the Bluebird!!! i am so impressed. It’s our state bird – I did not see any until i traveled about an hour east . . then I saw plenty – and now . . wonder of wonders – you have a close encounter . . yippeee!


  9. happy new year patti! your christmas sounds wonderful and an added bonus about no er visit 😉 love the bluebird and hope he sticks around a while! i hope you are feeling better!! have a great week ahead and thank you for linking!


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