Friday’s Hunt v2.25

Friday’s Hunt v2.25

This week’s prompts are Starts with Y, Week’s Favorite, and Festive.

Starts with Y: Yarnimg_1732

Week’s Favorite: One of two pictures taken this week–squirreldscn4756

Festive: Norfolk Waterfront dressed for the holidays

That’s it for this week! I’ve not had much time to visit with you again this week, but too soon the holidays will pass and life will return to normal as we know it. 

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31 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.25

    • This is one of them. We have about a half dozen that appear when the food comes out. This yarn was at the Yarn Barn a friend and I found on our way home from the writers retreat last year. Thank you, Darlene. Will you have family visiting you for Christmas?

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  1. Wow, that is an amazing collection of Noro yarns. I adore some of their colourways, and it’s rare (for me) to see so many of their yarns at once. Is that all in your stash? If yes, I am very envious! The squirrel is adorable! Somebody put in a lot of work to install all those Christmas lights on the buildings – what a pretty sight!


    • Last year, our writers group held a retreat at a rural home. One of my friends rode with me, and she agreed I could stop and take pictures all I wanted if we could visit a yarn shop. Google found the Yarn Barn–out in what seemed the middle of nowhere. They have a website, the owner said most of her business is online, so she was a little surprised when we showed up. It was seriously a barn full of yarn, and this is where I took that photo. Norfolk goes all out with their decorations and a Christmas parade right after Thanksgiving. I’m sure they work far ahead to have it ready to illuminate that night. I agree, they do a nice job of it. Thanks for visiting!


  2. Now that is a lot of yarn! The squirrel is adorable. Looks like he’s trying to keep his little fingers warm. The waterfront is beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in. Hope you have a great week!


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