Friday’s Hunt v2.24

Friday’s Hunt

Our prompts this week are Starts with X, Week’s Favorite, and Lights. Whose idea was it to put an ‘X’ in the alphabet, anyway? I thought a selfie of my X-hausted self might be my entry for that one–but thanks to my love of needlework, I have an embroidery sampler that includes X-stitch. (Cross stitch)


Week’s Favorite: I finally got that little yellow rump! 


Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Lights: Town Center aglow for the holidays


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30 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.24

  1. awesome town center and cute little yellow rump…. the cross stitch is perfect for X and not much is for that letter. I glanced up over my computer to my mothers cross stitched church. daddy was a Baptist pastor of a little white church with a steep on top, the cross stitch looks just like the church.

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    • Thanks! I got the idea (years ago) that I’d decorate our home with counted x-stitch pictures. I can’t believe how many I’ve done. Every evening after work (for years!) I would sit and stitch. Eventually, it became too hard to see those little symbols and I moved on.

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    • Thanks, Shirley! I put a letter on the mailbox earlier and was surprised by how warm it felt after the last few days. I looked forward to finishing up the shopping today–now the rain is pouring!


  2. Dazzling city center! We really enjoy the Christmas decorations of others. Even here in the RV park holiday lights are everywhere. Your cross stitch is lovely. So is your yellow-rumped warbler. Are you able to recognize all those fancy birds or do you have to open the bird guide and check them out? I’m betting you rarely have to consult the guide. You have become an expert, Patti. Blessings to you…


    • I find it interesting that with limited space in an RV, people make room for holiday decorations. Thank you! Most of the birds that visit our backyard are regulars. Once I was able to ID them, I remembered them. I’ve looked at pictures in books and on others blogs and occasionally I see a new bird and know what it is from that. Otherwise, the field guide is my friend. Sometimes they don’t look much like the picture in the book and I’ll use a bird ID website. It’s always exciting to see a new bird! Blessings to you, my friend.

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  3. How lucky to have the yellow-rumped warbler at this time of year. They left here several months ago. I hope to see them again next spring. Lovely Christmas lights! I used to do a lot of cross stitch as well, before I learned to spin and knit. Your sampler is a wonderful piece.


    • I don’t know if the other birds are happy to see that feisty little warbler! LOL Last spring, I hardly recognized one of the males, he wore his “traveling suit” for his trip back to you and his colors were so distinctive– the black was blacker, which made the white whiter and that yellow was bright. I had to take a second look to realize it was the same bird! He’s eating well, I’ll take care of him for you this winter then send him home. Thank you! I tried knitting in my teen years, but was frustrated with fitting a halter top I’d made. That was the end of that! My daughter did some spinning for awhile, and still knits when she has time.


  4. The needlework is gorgeous, a work of art that also fits this week’s theme wonderfully! What a stylish bird – great capture. The town center is nice lighted, not garish but a simple splash of light that offers a nice season’s greeting to residents and visitors alike…


    • He finally put it on display (the yellow rump). He’s even been getting into dust-ups with the finches! I guess he has to boss someone around, the Downies and Wrens don’t pay him much mind.


  5. X certainly is a challenging letter. Love your choice! The warbler is adorable. I finally photographed one earlier in the fall when it was passing through. The lights are amazing! Thanks so much for joining in. Have a great week!

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