Willy Nilly Friday 5 #108

Willy Nilly Friday 5

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated with this meme. There’s been little time for visiting, so I hesitate to link-up. Maybe this week will be better.

1. Things are nutty as ever around the Big Backyard. Squirrelly, too! 


2. Uh-oh! What’s this? 


The Carolina Wren appears to have laid claim to the potting bench. dscn4739

3. We’ve had some frosty nights, yet I continue to find little surprises in the garden.


4. It rained nearly all day. Of course, this was the day I needed a few things from the grocery store. I brewed a chocolate hazelnut latte for the road and made an afternoon of it. Since I had to be out anyway, I returned some items to the mall that I’d ordered online. They’d been crushed during shipment due to poor packaging. And, I stopped by Hobby Lobby since I was in the neighborhood. Take that, rain!

5. I don’t have the Christmas tree up yet, nor the wreath on the door, no cards ready to mail–but I do have most of the shopping done. Then there’ll be wrapping to do…How are your winter holiday preparations coming along? 



31 thoughts on “Willy Nilly Friday 5 #108

  1. I think willy-nilly Friday posted on Wednesday says it all 🙂 yes, it is a busy time of year so it probably won’t all get done… but that’s okay 🙂

    Holiday? What holiday? (So denial won’t help huh? ) Actually, I got lights put up outside over Thanksgiving so outside looks pretty good. Inside won’t be very festive… with 2 new kittens in the house I’m not doing a tree. Maybe that makes me a not-so-crazy cat lady, haha.

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    • Haha, you’re very perceptive! I’ve heard denial doesn’t help, I’m afraid to try it. Hubby refuses to decorate outside, so the wreath (which is now on the door!) is it. I need to clean out the closet in my sewing room where Christmas decor went in but hasn’t come out. Now would be a good time of year to donate some of it–but there’s no room to pull it out. Your kittens would LOVE a tree! 😀


  2. the wrens is so sweet. and cute… LOVE the squirrel, I had a face to face talk with one yesterday, but I did not have my camera or my phone. he and I startled each other and I stood still and talked. he was like the dog cocking his head listening. about 10 fee from me in the back yard


    • I wish I’d gotten the shot of the wren in the flower pot. They just refuse to hold still long enough. I love that you have a squirrel who listens to you. I can’t believe you had no camera or phone with you!


  3. Love the pictures, Patti. Your squirrel looks very at peace in your yard. I am with you, Patti, all I have done for Christmas is buying the gifts.

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  4. I’m getting there. The wreath is on the door, tree is up and decorated. Lights inside and out. Just sent the cards. Shopping almost done. Wrapping still to do. And cookie baking to do as well. Trying to get it all done soon so I can just sit with my feet up, sipping hot tea, and calmly enjoy this Christmas season.


    • Wreath up here–check. That’s where the similarity ends! LOL Oh, shopping is almost done, too. I think! I still need to write out a card list–just realized I neglected to order the stamps. I don’t plan to do much baking this year. One of my granddaughters requested I bring the pizzelle maker, so we’ll make those at their house. Sitting with feet up enjoying a cup of hot tea sounds like a wonderful idea. Hubby’s company Christmas party is this weekend. Once that’s out of the way, we’ll coast to the finish line.

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  5. Enjoyed your photos of the wildlife and flower! The flowers in my garden bloomed into November in spite of frosts. We’ve had snow, so I’m betting they’re done now, but the weather was amazingly clement for such a long time! Sounds like you are keeping busy! Blessings to you.


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