Friday’s Hunt v2.19

Friday’s Hunt

This week’s prompts are Starts with S, Week’s Favorite, and Amazing.

Dancing Crow–Shake it, baby! 


The Week’s Favorite shows some amazing color.


Come on over to Eden Hills and share your photos! Better hurry–the link-up ends Sunday at 7:00 p.m. Central Time. Just click here:



32 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.19

  1. Hi Patti ~~ Nice pictures. We went to the grocery store just after dark this evening, the parking lot was smothered with birds, black ones, probably black birds or grackles. People were honking to make them move, but they didn’t move very much.

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    • They colors are rather sparse in our area yet, just a few trees are showing their splendor. We had weird weather this year, so they may be a little drab, but I’m hoping to see more color. Thank you!


    • I hope we get to see more color. So far, things are rather drab except for a few leaves like this here and there. Really have to look for it this year (in our area). The mountains to the west of us were filled with glorious color. The crow was not happy (s)he couldn’t get into that feeder!


  2. Great shots…That bird did look like he was shaking his “booty”. and the colors on the trees…they are just beautiful. That is the one thing I miss living in Fl, seeing the changing colors in the fall!


    • The crow was giving those feathers a good shake, I was glad to have caught it. Very few trees have such color here this year. Our rainfall was sporadic. Ah, but you have Palm Trees. 😀


    • There isn’t much bold color to be seen here, not yet, anyway. The show of color doesn’t last nearly long enough, does it? The crow was pretty worked up–there were no peanuts to be had!


  3. Spectacular crow dancing. What a fun show he must’ve put on.
    Love the fiery autumn colors. The colors are such a burst of joy before the leaves turn brown and the plants and trees goes to sleep for the winter.


    • Usually, they are skittish, and take off as soon as I get near the window. This one knows where the peanuts come from. Fiery autumn color is hard to find here this year. Most of the leaves are rather drab.

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  4. Thanks, Theresa! I’m glad you make the time to host Friday’s Hunt. It’s nice to see what everyone comes up with, but I don’t always get to visit them all. Hope your week is great, too. It just started raining here. It was a bit foggy this morning, and overcast all day.


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