Good Fences and Wild Birds

Good Fences #137
Wild Bird Wednesday #223

This week, I have a good fence with attitude–namely, a Carolina Wren. It seeks and devours all those creepy crawling and flying things that bug us. I’m glad we have a resident pair to claim our backyard as their territory. 

Fall colors also creep into the landscape. I’m trying not to notice. At 83F today, I’m lingering in a summer state of mind. Fall is too fickle for me. I want to get up, pull on shorts and a tank top and know it’s going to be comfortable all day long. 


Carolina Wren

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28 thoughts on “Good Fences and Wild Birds

  1. I, too, like the ease of summer dressing, but I think that’s come to an end for us for awhile! Wrens are among my favorite birds…they’re so tiny. We have them nest under our deck, and the access is visible from Sundae’s window seat. I’m not sure if they entertain her or annoy her!


    • I’m delighted to have a pair of them. 😀 Some birds do grow on us. Two young Carolina Wrens took up residence in the corners of the awning over our back door when they fledged. Every night I’d find them tucked up inside.


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