Friday’s Hunt v2.14

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re hunting: Starts with N, Week’s Favorite, I Made This

If you’ve ever been to the Hampton Roads area (SE Virginia), you would appreciate this view of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel (HRBT)–NO TRAFFIC

Photography composition recommends the horizon fall at 1/3 of the photo–sorry, I could NOT crop that gorgeous sky, even with the tint showing across the top of the windshield.

My Week’s Favorite is a recent colorful sunset.

For I Made This, a mixed-media journal cover work-in-progress. The birds are a stencil from StencilGirl Products.

Waiting to hear from our granddaughter who left Friday for a mission trip to Central America. She’ll be home for Christmas!

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28 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.14

  1. Majestic skies. I’m glad you didn’t crop them they’re gorgeous.
    Your birds are so cute.
    Your Granddaughter must have an amazing heart. I admire her calling to do mission work. I know you all are excited to see her at Christmas time.


  2. I hope your granddaughter is getting on well on the mission field. That sunset is to die for and I do like that lovely blue sky in the first shot. The birds are adorable.


    1. She shared her first week on Facebook, working with special needs kids, and got to hold babies at the hospital. I know she enjoyed that immensely. Thank you. We’ve had some beautiful skies recently.


    1. I was surprised to wake up to a sunny sky Friday. Thursday had been so dreary, and with the hurricane coming up the coast, I didn’t expect to see the sun for a few days. Lots of rain today. (Saturday)


    1. A bridge without cars is a rarity here, too. Thanks for the good wishes for Taylor. She’s enjoying herself, tending to special-needs kids and babies at the hospital.


  3. Patti, isn’t it nice to catch a nice highway like that with sooo little traffic. We took a loner car back to the dealer this evening. Coming back around seven, I-10 going both into and out of town (Houston, TX) was as bad as rush hour when it flows (i.e. not accidents or stoppages).
    Your sunset is beautiful, a sin to crop it. That cover will be really nice. I take it the lined paper showing will be incorporated into the cover. Glue? Reinforced?

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    1. Yes, the bridge-tunnel is backed up more often than not. I used a spray ink (experiment) to try to create a body of water for the birds. That’s actually the cover, but I see what you mean, it does look like its been torn away and paper showing. Guess I have more work to do!


    1. Thanks, Stewart! Good to see you back! I haven’t been out much to look for birds, hope the hurricane weather passes quickly so we can get back to our “regular programming!”


        1. Thanks, Pix! The rain stopped, still windy; the birds returned–hungry! Low-lying areas will still have a chance of flooding with the tides for a couple of days. Watching Weather Channel coverage to see what the storm left behind. It’s nice to see sunshine in Charleston, SC, today. I can’t imagine how long clean-up will take in some areas.


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