Wild Bird Wednesday #218

Wild Bird Wednesday–Northern Cardinal, juvenile male

Here’s a follow-up on our male juvenile Northern Cardinal’s plumage. His beak begins to show the color change to orange from grey. The neutral feathers are being replaced with the well-known red we are accustomed to seeing.



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37 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #218

  1. Bad hair day. Ha ha. I like that. I can relate to that. When I look at that work-in-progress cardinal, I understand why my hubby says my hair looks best when it’s messed up. Cardinals are my favorite bird. They are beautiful in every stage, make, female, and juvenile.

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    • Your 2016 trek will be winding down before too long, won’t it? I don’t remember when you said you’d be back to AZ. I can’t wait to hear the highlights of your trip as you settle in, reminisce, and plan 2017.


  2. You are correct. We are staying one month in a lovely New Mexico RV park. After that we head back to AZ for the winter to test and plan our next year. I like your suggestion to post highlights (and bloopers) from our first journey. I truly enjoy your blog, Patti. It’s great.

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