Friday’s Hunt v2.13

Friday’s Hunt

Eden Hills

I’m here to dispel the notion that aliens abducted me. Hubby’s away for a few days so I tore into my card-making room and strew papers (among other things) all over the floor in an attempt to rearrange the space to make it more user-friendly, see what I need to use or give away, etc. I’m not finished yet, but one can cross the room unimpeded.

This week we’re hunting for Starts with M, Week’s Favorite, and Work. I should have checked the list sooner while I had piles in the floor (for work).

Marina, and masts, start with M.


My daughter’s friend put in a lot of work to make this bouquet of paper roses.


My Week’s Favorite features my furry friend.


 He thinks peanuts should be legalized. 


40 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.13

    • She put so much work into the handmade decorations for the birthday party. She made something for each window, shamrocks (the theme) decorated every kitchen cabinet, other types of flowers, among other things. She’s amazing!


  1. those are amazing roses. wow… I especially like the ones with music on them. sounds like a lot of work but I know it was nice to be able to walk across the room. thanks for all you sweet comments on my eye surgery


    • Hi, Sandra! I was totally impressed with those paper roses. She made a a couple small bouquets of other types of folded paper flowers. They were all so pretty. Glad to hear you’re doing so well after your surgery. At least, the last I heard, you were. I’m still working on the reorganization project, so have had limited reading time. Hope to get caught up soon.


    • I hadn’t noticed the masts making Ms! Good eye. I hope you give the roses a shot, and share them with us. We have a few weeks before “R” comes around again! She made some other small arrangements of other types of paper flowers, too. Thanks for stopping by!


    • I had no idea what paper roses were when the song came out, I certainly never envisioned them looking like this. Marie Osmond was just a kid back then, and we weren’t much older.


  2. Love your squirrel friend – they are such fun to watch! The paper roses are remarkable – what a lot of work. Sailing season will soon be over here – the masts will be put into storage soon!


    • I do enjoy watching squirrels. They make me laugh out loud. She did a beautiful job on the paper roses. There were a lot of boats, seems it would be hard to navigate them in and out of there.


    • Hi, Pix! They really had the boats crammed in there. I don’t think I’d want to be the one to have to get one out. I was amazed with those roses, too. Good Tuesday night to you!


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