Friday’s Hunt v1.12

Friday’s Hunt

It’s that time of the week–on this Friday’s Hunt, we’re looking for Starts with L, Week’s Favorite, and Critter. 

Starts with L: Larva
This is the larva of the Regal Moth, Citheronia regalisThe caterpillar (larva) is also known as the Hickory Horned Devil.

Week’s Favorite




Gray Squirrel

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47 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.12

  1. Awww, … That squirrel is precious, an excellent picture!!!
    Your camera, and the photographer are taking wonderful pictures. I don’t think that my point and shoot Sony would be passable for taking the ones you have.


    • Hi, Jim! That one squirrel loves to sit on the potting bench. Truly a ham if I ever saw one. My Nikon has 60x optical zoom, that’s the secret. And the critters aren’t all that far from the kitchen window.


  2. that horned devil sure is an acrobatic creature, just look at him hanging upside down while he eats. that is a wonderful shot of him and of course we all love the little gray devil at the end..


    • Ha! I bet we’d know it if we had one of those big caterpillars eating a tree–here today, gone tomorrow! That little squirrel stops by for photo ops. He’d better get busy working on the falling acorns. I tossed a handful of peanuts out the back door. He ate one, carried the second all around trying to dig a hole in the hard ground, and ended up back up on the potting bench to eat it. I can’t help but watch the show.


    • I’m just glad we don’t have anything in our yard those caterpillars want to eat! This one was on display in the butterfly house at the botanical garden. It had been a beautiful day when I snapped the sunset on the way home from celebrating our 16-year-old granddaughter’s birthday.


    • I intended to put the succulents in another planter, but haven’t done it yet. I will have to and bring them inside before winter arrives. This planter was cracked, so they were marked down a lot. I love a good deal! My mom kept a planter of “hens & chicks” in the backyard for as long as I can remember. Thanks, Steph!

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  3. Beautiful photos. I love the squirrel, squirrels are always a delight to see. That little cutie looks like it’s fixing to get in to some mischief.
    That’s a mighty pretty caterpillar too. I think some caterpillars are strange beauties.
    Gorgeous sky photo.


    • Thanks, E.C. This squirrel likes the potting bench, he’s always posing. Stinker. That caterpillar will probably be one big moth soon, if not already. It was at the butterfly house in the botanical garden.

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  4. The front end of the caterpillar is a little scary, although I know better… great capture, Patti! Lovely sky, and I love those little squirrels as long as they aren’t chewing on our siding or the front porch rockers!


    • They should make a movie about those caterpillars! LOL It was at the butterfly house at the botanical garden. I’m glad we don’t have anything in our yard it wants to eat–can you imagine? Thankfully, the only thing our squirrels chewed on was the wooden platform feeder when we had the guard on it so they couldn’t get into it. Good evening, Pix!


    • The caterpillar was in the butterfly house at the botanical garden. Glad we don’t have them eating trees in our yard! Thanks, Eileen. Happy Tuesday–and week ahead. We’re getting lots of rain, has it reached your area?


  5. That is quite the interesting caterpillar. The squirrel has to be my favorite. Love their antics! Thanks so much for joining me for Friday’s Hunt. I hope you have a great week!


    • I’d never seen a caterpillar like that–thankfully! I imagine they can do some damage. This one was on display at the butterfly house at the botanical garden. That squirrel is a ham! He entertained me yesterday as he tried to dig a hole in the hard ground to bury his peanut. He ended up on the potting bench eating it! I guess it’s his personal dining table. Thanks for hosting Friday’s Hunt. It’s always fun to join. You have a great week, too! I hope to catch up on reading later this week.

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