Good Fences #130

Good Fences

Our writers conference started this evening, and the only good fence I have to share is the fencing that forms the butterfly house at the botanical garden. It’s tough work herding butterflies! I hope to visit your blogs this weekend, as we have a long day ahead of us, Friday.ย 

Buckeye backlit by sunlight

25 thoughts on “Good Fences #130

    1. I enjoyed the conference, Margaret, thanks! I get a little overwhelmed with cramming so much into my head in a short amount of time. I signed up for Thursday evening and Friday, but not Saturday. I do try to take good notes, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up.


  1. Herding butterflies sounds like a peach of a way to get exercise. I suspect the butterflies would be almost like chasing feathers in the wind.
    Enjoy your writers conference and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Enjoy your writer’s conference! There is a butterfly house where we used to live and we used to visit frequently. It is in Chesterfield, Missouri where we go back often. I will have to check for fencing like that. Handsome Buckeye!


  3. Way to go…beautiful pictures and learning from a writers conference! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! I’ll have to look up that caterpillar….I’m not familiar with what it turns into. Yes, I’ve been thankful for an iPhone.

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  4. Thanks, Anita. I forget what kind of moth the caterpillar turns into. It was on display in the butterfly house. That’s an education in itself, always someone there from the butterfly society to share their wealth of knowledge.


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