Friday’s Hunt v2.11

Friday’s Hunt v2.11

This week we’ve searched high and low to come up with Starts with K, Week’s Favorite, and Yellow or Gold. 

I walked around the neighborhood recently looking for Starts with K. Surely, I would pass a skateboarder wearing Knee pads, or find a Knocker on someone’s door. Nope. There was a Kia in front of a house, but I didn’t think it wise to walk up the driveway and take a picture of the nameplate. Thinking back, I could have snapped a pic of the entire car and captioned the photo. So, to make my long story shorter, here are my offerings for this week:

Week’s Favorite and Yellow

Black Swallowtail butterfly–newly emerged Wednesday morning
Starts with K–Keys in Knob

28 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.11

  1. Hi Patti ~~ You did good finding that very pretty butterfly. I like the key ring too. That little doll hanging is great, it would look good as a little school girl’s back pack ornament. Good Job!


    1. I must confess, I cheated on the butterfly. I put late-stage caterpillars in an aquarium in the kitchen (to keep the birds from eating all of them!) and when they emerge, they sign up for a photo op before they’re released. My Eeyore keychain was a souvenir from a Disney trip. He’s a depressed donkey and that fit my mood after we had a tire blow out on a rental car on the way there and missed two days with family; and the day after we arrived the rain poured! All day. We bought ponchos and went to the parks, anyway. We also learned the rental car had a water leak that day! It was truly a character-building trip.


    1. Thanks! I do like Eeyore. I had some caterpillars in an aquarium (to keep the birds from eating them all). The butterflies are a little slow before their first flight, allowing me to get a shot before they take off.


    1. Thanks, Dor. I had two more to release today, a male and a female. 😀 If I’d thought of keys BEFORE I left the house, I wouldn’t have had to walk two miles to come up with the idea! LOL


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