Wild Bird Wednesday #213-Osprey

Wild Bird Wednesday

Mid-August, we wandered some back roads along the Rappahannock River on our way home after a weekend with family. The Osprey perched on this limb where it had a literal bird’s-eye view of the river. Evening approached, time to look for a little something for dinner, and fish was on the menu. 

The camera lens extended into digital zoom, and I shot from inside the car, elbows anchored on the door to serve as a tripod. Frame after frame, I couldn’t get a clear shot. I finally realized the car’s idle caused enough vibration to interfere with clarity. Hubby shut off the engine, I got this shot, and called it a day. 


Below is one of about a bazillion reasons (slight exaggeration) to stay inside the car. It’s yellow-fly season, and those little buggers bite! On vacation a couple years ago, I had a run-in with them. Apparently, I tasted a lot better than hubby. They drew blood! We didn’t stay on that beach long.


Patiently waiting on the other side of my car window.

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16 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #213-Osprey

  1. the osprey is wonderful, they are so pretty to me. our park here has 3 nests and sometimes the daddy osprey chases bob’s air planes… glad you realize the car was blurring the pic. those biting flies are NASTY…


  2. sometimes it’s all about the experience and this was a great one. i do the same thing, but yes, the car has to be turned off!! it’s still a great capture and an awesome memory!!!!


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