Wild Bird Wednesday #212–Brown Thrasher Fledgling

Wild Bird Wednesday

Last week I shared the Brown Thrasher. This week it’s back, and brought its offspring. The adults build the nest together, and share incubation duties and feeding.

The North American Breeding Bird Survey shows the Brown Thrasher’s numbers declined 41% from 1966 to 2014. Along with loss of habitat, this website states: They can become unintended casualties of pesticides that people use to control insects, including organophosphates used in pecan plantations, dieldrin used on fields, and heptachlor used to combat Japanese beetles.


Brown Thrasher adult


Meet the baby! Love that blue eye.


Hungry baby!


Baby’s fed, time for a relaxing bath!


Thanks for hosting, Stewart! Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday


30 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #212–Brown Thrasher Fledgling

    • Isn’t it adorable? I never knew the young ones had blue eyes! Poor Mom (or Dad) had a hard time keeping up with it. They’d leave it one place while they went to gather food, but baby was off exploring when they went back and then they had to find where it went.


    • They have a hard time finding baby once they gather some food–it loves exploring its new world. If you’re around this weekend, let me know if you want to go Skinny Dipping. I haven’t been there forever!


  1. So neat to see the baby thrasher! Good to see the next generation of birds surviving. I was really surprised to read about the 41%(!) drop in their numbers! It seems we have a pair of these stop by every spring.

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    • Thanks, Linda. The decline in number really surprised me. That’s a lot of loss, and only one type of bird. We obviously aren’t taking very good care of our planet and its inhabitants, human or otherwise.


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