Share Your World-2016 Week 33

Share Your World

Cee’s Share Your World questions of the week and my answers follow:

Would you travel into outer space?

Which country/city in the world (that you have never been to) would you most like to visit and why?
This is a really tough question. Or is it the answer with which I struggle? Hmmm. I think Canada is my answer. I’d like to see Niagara Falls, ride the rails through the Canadian Rockies, visit the beaches and lighthouses, and birdwatching, of course.

What could you do to breathe more deeply today?
Get on the treadmill.

Complete this sentence:  This creamy peanut butter sandwich could really use some …
crunch. And Welch’s Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly. And a whole-grain bread with some color and texture. 

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up? 
I’m grateful for a visit with family and to attend our granddaughter’s Pampered Chef fundraiser to help fund her mission trip to Guatemala. If anyone is interested in a PC purchase to help, leave me a comment regarding this and I’ll get you the online link to it.

I look forward to reading your replies to the above questions! 
Join in the fun here:



27 thoughts on “Share Your World-2016 Week 33

  1. No I don’t want to go into space to many places here to see yet like the Galapagos Islands for birds no I don’t want to go into space to many places here to see yet like the Galapagos Islands for birdwatching. Some raspberry jam a crunch on the peanut butter would be good. I’m very thankful for good friends last week and I am hoping this week my finger that is broken into places Is less painful.


  2. Some good ones this week.
    1.No, I don´t want to travel into outer space.
    2. I would love to visit Australia
    3. Go for a long walk with the dog
    4. Chocolate, I love peanut butter and chocolate!
    5. I am thankful for the wonderful neighbours we have here in Spain.


    • I’m quite happy with my feet on the ground, too. Australia would be an interesting place to visit. It would take a long time to see it all, though. I’m sure your dog (Dot?) would love a walk with you. Oh, yum! Chocolate and PB were made for each other. I’m glad you have wonderful neighbors. What a wonderful choice you made in selecting a new place to call home.


  3. No definitely no to outer space. As for the peanut butter the end of that sentence would be it needs time in the toaster oven. I love toasted peanut butter. Would not go to another country but I would love to go see the Wild Wild West all the states and all the western books that I used to read


    • I like peanut butter on a toasted English muffin. I found one with oatmeal and cinnamon, double protein. (Thomas’) I may have to have one for dinner now that I’m thinking about it! There is SO much to see here. I thought an Amtrak trip out west would be nice-let someone else do the driving.


  4. Outer space, no way – I’d be so claustrophobic shut up in a space capsule. Yikes. I would love to visit the United Kingdom and Ireland because I’ve always wanted to travel there (and see an ancestral home) and Australia because we have adorable young Australian friends there. To breathe more deeply, I need to let go of some things! Peanut butter is okay as it is, but I could add jelly or chocolate.


    • I hadn’t even considered the claustrophobic side of space travel. That would not be pretty! My niece went to Ireland, everything was so green I could feel the fresh air through her photos. Australia would be nice to visit, but it’s so far away! I don’t know if I’d want to be on a plane that long. Chocolate and peanut butter are great together. Did you know Reese’s now has chocolate peanut butter spread? I had some at my daughter’s last weekend. It probably wouldn’t be good for me to have that in the house all the time! Well, not all the time, there would be times I’d run out of it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and it stays off the hips!

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