Good Fences #125

Good Fences #125

This week’s good fence, gate, and arbor is another from Edenton, NC. Crepe Myrtles are still in bloomIMG_3182good fences



17 thoughts on “Good Fences #125

  1. Lovely… you just can’t beat a white fence! Our crepe myrtles are just starting to bloom… a nice surprise considering the Japanese Beetles were relentless this year. I am always happy to see the flowers!
    Good Morning, Patti! Patti? Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • OK, OK, I’m awake! LOL My Fitbit tells me to ‘Look Alive!’ when the alarm goes off. I couldn’t get my eyes open to read it this morning. 😉
      We had a lot of those beetles this year, too.
      Have a lovely day! Thanks for the wake-up call. 💤💤


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