Wild Bird Wednesday #211-Brown Thrasher

Wild Bird Wednesday

The Brown Thrasher hasn’t been hanging out in the backyard lately, unless we were on different schedules and I missed it. Not having any good bird photos to share this week, I was happy to find it perched atop the feeder pole this afternoon. Interesting that it chose to sit atop the head of the ornament. One would think the feet would hurt. 


Brown Thrasher


Keep an eye on the sky!

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40 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #211-Brown Thrasher

    • He didn’t seem very happy. There was a hawk in the yard the other day, so I try to see what’s going on when I hear the small birds giving their “danger” calls. Thrashers are fun to watch-it’s easy to see how they came by the name.

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  1. I had not thought about the feet hurting but now that you mentioned it I wonder if it hurts to sit on the power lines. They perch up there for long periods of time


  2. I see thrashers, but usually on the ground where I miss their speckled breasts. Those speckles are arranged in a pattern of stripes, but to me they sometimes look more speckled than striped. Great pose. I think all those birds want you to take their pictures. Blessings to you, Patti…


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