Friday Photos

Friday’s Hunt 2.6
Skywatch Friday

This week features Starts with F, Week’s Favorite, and Shiny

Starts with F: This is another house we saw in Edenton, NC. A Fixer-upper, with a Fence.

My Week’s Favorite: The warmth of “golden hour” just before sunset outshone the dramatic contrast in the clouds.

The shiny tabletop at Edenton Coffee House Bakery & Cafe reflected the overhead fluorescent lights. 

Everyone is invited to play along with Friday’s Hunt, just pop on over to Eden Hills for the prompts and time to share:


27 thoughts on “Friday Photos

  1. Fixer up with fence – Looks like a worthy investment for the right investor. I like the photo with the bright golden color on the house contrasting with the clouded blue sky. Great photos. Blessings to you…


    1. I can’t imagine what it would take to renovate that one. It has a lot of supports holding it up now. I was surprised at how golden the neighbor’s garage looked in the late afternoon light. Thanks, Carol Ann, and blessings to you.


    1. They had some great tabletop designs in there. I wished I could have avoided the fluorescent light glare. That house is a real charmer, but it needs a LOT of work. Thanks, Theresa!


  2. Edenton is a pretty place, Patti. That fixer-upper house looks like a BIG project, for sure not as DIY. We have never been there, that close to the coast. We have been to all 50 states though.


    1. Edenton is a really nice little town. Yes, that is a BIG undertaking to get that house back to livable condition. If you’re ever over this way, you should stop in for the lighthouse tour, and if you come at Christmas, they decorate some of the older homes and offer a tour. That’s quite a record, to visit all 50 states. I’ll bet you have some wonderful memories and experiences to share.


  3. I’ve fixed up a home or two in my time. This would have been a great one.
    No more of them for us now though. Too much work. : )


  4. That old house is amazing! Love its quaint fence too. The golden hour is certainly my favorite time to go for a walk with the camera. Great capture for shiny! Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. Have a great week!


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