Friday’s Hunt v2.5

Friday’s Hunt

We skipped town for hubby’s birthday weekend, so I missed the link-up for Friday’s Hunt v2.5. I started to do a post anyway, deleted it, then decided once again to post. After all, we went to Edenton, NC, and Starts with E is one of the week’s prompts; this is also my Week’s Favorite photo.

Edenton is a small town with a lot of history. It is situated on Edenton Bay for those who like the water. One can fish from the large pier, or tour the lighthouse which is nearby. We took the trolley tour of the town, rather than the walking tour, since it rained. This was the most informative tour we’ve taken.  


The third prompt this week is Bounce. Rather than share a picture of the dryer sheet fabric softener, I offer this flame in a fire pit that appeared to bounce.



25 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.5

  1. What a beautiful image. Water and lighthouse–how I would love to be able to visit some place like that. The fire is amazing! I’m so glad you joined in. Have a great week!


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