Good Fences & Wild Birds

Good Fences #123

good fences




and Wild Bird Wednesday #209

Sharing a good fence surrounding TASTE one of our new favorite places to eat…




and an American Goldfinch I spied in our wildflower meadow. 


Hubby has a birthday this weekend, it’s been a busy week of planning possibilities-wanting to surprise him, yet needing his input. Today is our weekly lunch date, so I may have to “let the cat out of the bag.” 

It’s funny to think some of the idioms we’ve used for years may have a younger generation calling People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)  to report us. 😉



28 thoughts on “Good Fences & Wild Birds

  1. Taste looks like an interesting place to eat. I hope your hubby has a great birthday, whatever you do. My dad, who was an animal lover, used to say “there is always more than one way to skin a cat.” Even as a child I didn’t like that saying. I am sure he wouldn’t get away with saying that now!

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    • I’ve heard that, too, now that you mention it. I had a lot of cats, so it wouldn’t have been a saying I’d like much, either. Now we resort to Plan B!


  2. Hope the birthday surprise that is not a surprise goes well. Happy birthday, and cat out of the bag reminds me of my dear friend Eunice and her cat Moses… that cat lived most of his life in a bag. when she bought things she always asked for at least one paper bag… if she went home after shopping Moses demanded a bag to get in. he kept the things he stole in all his bags, think ornaments, watches, rings, bracelets.


  3. Wishing your hubby a Happy & Blessed Birthday. I am sure you have planned a wonderful time. The pics are great!


    • Thanks, Pix! Yes, that is an option. They added a second story when remodeling, lots more seating inside, too. It’s a busy place, and I think they have three locations now. I’ll have to get some inside pics on another visit. It’s a unique place.


  4. Wonderful fence and pretty birdie.
    Happy birthday to your Hubby. I hope you two share a fun and joyous celebration. 🙂
    I physically laughed-out-loud about the idiom. You nailed it smack on the head. lol


  5. Here’s one of the cats coming out of the bag…MOL…I ❤ that birdie…and I also want to bring you a nomination for The Brotherhood Award. Please check out our Caturday Art blog. Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Pawkisses for a Happy Day 🙂 ❤

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    • Thanks, Ida. The food is great! It’s always busy. They have a mini-grocery store inside, large assortment of beverages, all kinds of wonderful things. He said he had a very relaxing weekend.


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