Look What I Have!

Look What I Have!

Happy dance! I hadn’t seen a bunny in our yard in FOREVER! 

Cuteness Overload!

I finally have help with the weeding.

Munch munch munch

I know, Little Bun, weeding makes me tired, too. You are welcome to rest there as long as you like. 

34 thoughts on “Look What I Have!

    1. It was so tiny earlier this week! I startled it (and myself) twice before I remembered to look for it and move accordingly. I’ve had to fill the birdbaths two or three times a day to keep water available. I’d be tempted to sit in one, but they’re always full of birds!


  1. Sweet photos! A tiny bunny scurried under a shrub while I was out in my flowerbed a couple of days ago. It frightened me at first, until I realized what it was. We haven’t seen many rabbits this year, either.


    1. Oh, dear. That wouldn’t be a good thing. Round up yours and send them over! I have a friend who had to bunny-proof their small backyard garden. I tried to tell her they need their vegetables, too. 😉

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  2. This cracks me up…..we have tons of rabbits….they eat everything that blooms, and dig holes all over our yard. They are sure cute but destructive. The big ones are the size of our dog. Yesterday they were on our front porch. I like your picture…yours looks sweeter.

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    1. My dad raised rabbits when I was a kid, and I’ve had pet “house” bunnies, so the yard bunny is the closest thing I have to a pet right now. So far, they are content to eat clover and the weedy grass that tries to take over the fennel/milkweed jungle. It might be a different story if they were destructive. 😉


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