Tis the Season-Humidity

Tis the Season-Humidity

No amount of preening can fix humid-day hair. Or feathers.

Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove 

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.
–Ecclesiastes 3:1


34 thoughts on “Tis the Season-Humidity

    • Yes, that is a timeless scripture, Darlene. It was really hot today. I went to the garden center, perennials were 50% off. The last day of the coupon, and there wasn’t much left-and I’d wilted by the time I got out of there! Was so glad to have a/c when I got home.


  1. Woke up this morning, it’s 79 degrees and 90 % humidity. In the house.

    Hang in there, people and birdies!


    • Thanks, Pix! Fall is going to look good this year. I’m really missing long walks and hikes. I tried to work in the yard the other day, and thanks to my Fitbit, I could see how much my heart rate increased. I didn’t stay long! Here I am at the midnight hour again. Good night!


  2. I love that verse and have always loved Ecclesiastes, i think it is my favorite book. i am practical and have common sense and that is what that book is. tells it like it is. sweet little dove… we are in the Tis the season of humidity tooooooo


  3. Love the itchy dove. Even with their well oiled and preened feathers, I think birds sometimes get miserable in these hot and/or humid times too. You’ve quoted one of my favorite verses from the Bible, truly it is fitting for this time of year. 🙂


    • The birds haven’t been hanging out at the feeders much in this heat. I guess they don’t need as much food for energy to burn on hot days. I think starlings compete to see who can splash the most water out of the birdbath!


  4. Love the feathers!! Many thanks for sharing this with SEASONS! The text is good, and right now it’s encouraging – will be glad when this (political) season is over -too intense. Have a happy and blessed week, Patti:)

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    • I can identify with wilting! After being out for the dentist, lunch with a friend, and a (very) brief stop at the garden center, I wasn’t worth anything when I got home!


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