Wild Bird Wednesday #208–American Crow

Wild Bird Wednesday–American Crow, Adult and Juvenile

Crows are usually skittish, but lately, these two spend a fair amount of time in our yard. Often I hear the caw of the juvenile somewhere on the roof, and usually find the adult looking for food, or waiting for the juvenile to join it on a bare branch in the oak tree. Normally skittish, it seems odd the adult will sit atop the feeder pole, looking down at the empty dish until I fill it. Yes, I’m easily trained.ย 

The smaller songbirds keep their distance until the crows leave–usually with a Northern Mockingbird on their tail, telling them they’ve worn out their welcome.

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21 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #208–American Crow

    • I was just seeing these two, then the rest of the family came! They didn’t stay long. These two sat high on the utility pole across the street for a good while today, cawing.


    • I enjoyed watching them. They really are intelligent birds. I was thinking this might be my Good Fence post, knowing you are a fan of crows. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad you stopped by to see them.


  1. There used to be one crow (I’m assuming it was the same each time) that would make lots of noise when I threw out corn for the ducks. I haven’t heard it lately; perhaps it moved on to another “restaurant”!

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