Wild Bird Wednesday #207

Wild Bird Wednesday

Here’s another juvenile visiting the feeder. This is a Grackle, but not sure which one just yet. I’ll have to get a closer look at the adult that accompanies it, but it usually stays in the tree, out of sight, and makes a warning call when it perceives a possible threat. Its feathers will darken and take on an iridescence, and the eyes will turn yellow, like this one.

I just realized, this is the first year I’ve not seen any young Brown-headed Cowbirds. Their eggs are “dropped off,” then incubated and raised by another type of bird.

Grackle Juvenile

Grackle Juvenile

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26 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #207

    • Haha, yes! I have a Downy who seems a little slow. He hasn’t figured out he can perch on the side of the bowl to eat. He clings to a bar in the floor of the cage we have around the feeder, and stretches his neck as far as he can to reach the suet.


  1. That’s a handsome baby grackle. I didn’t know the babes had black eyes that changed to yellow when they mature.
    I didn’t know the cowbirds were parasitic. That’s interesting.
    Thanks for an educational and fun post. I enjoyed it very much. 🙂


  2. “So this is it,” says this juvenile grackle. I clicked the link to your former post. Apparently the young must grow into the irredescent sheen of the adult grackle. Life gets better and better. Blessings to you, Patti…


  3. It looks a bit befuddled… 😀 We had a Phoebe nest that we could reach underneath one of our windows back in spring and we looked inside and there was one egg that didn’t look like the others, BIGGER. We took it out! Can’t remember now if we looked it up to see what kind of egg it could have been. The Phoebes went on to launch 4 little ones! That is a close up view of that big baby!


    • Phoebes are so cute! One built its nest on my daughter’s porch light a few years ago. Too high to spy on them. I feel sorry for little birds who end up raising a cowbird. I read the other day the cowbird usually doesn’t survive if left in a Goldfinch’s nest–because of the finches seed diet–they don’t get enough to eat.


  4. not sure if i have seen a grackle before, he is a cutie. we have noticed our buzzards are gone, we have not seen one in a few months. we miss our garbage guys cleaning up the mess people make. no idea why they are gone. we always had a dozen in the air


    • They do clean up! We drove to a city a little north of us for something, and we couldn’t believe the number of vultures roosting on a cell phone tower. Maybe that’s where yours are.


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