Friday’s Hunt v2.2

Friday’s Hunt 

This week we’re hunting for things that Start with B, Week’s Favorite, and Patriotic.

BOY–Seven grandkids, only one boy. He’s pretty amazing though.
Week’s Favorite starts with B, also: Monarch BUTTERFLY–I should save this for the letter “G” and use it for glare on the window. Sorry!
Patriotic: Red, White, and Blue (You may have seen this in yesterday’s post.)

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26 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.2

  1. Your grandson is a fine specimen of a boy someone someday That is a beautiful butterfly and I certainly don’t mind seeing that beautiful red white and blue garden again I hope you have a lovely weekend


    1. Yes, we are proud of him. He’s learning parkour–leaping tall buildings in a single bound–or akin to it. I saw the Monarch a couple of days, but not since. Of course, I can’t stand at the window as much as I’d like to watch for them!


  2. that boy looks pretty amazing, striking a pose!! beautiful captures, i enjoyed seeing the monarch. i have yet to see one this summer!!!


  3. One grandson with 6 granddaughters…I would say he is quite special. I bet he gets spoiled too! Love your monarch, I think they are so pretty! Very pretty flowers too…thanks for the posts!


  4. Only one boy? Oh my. I wouldn’t know what to do without boys (one son and three nephews). The butterfly is gorgeous. Who cares about a bit of glare! The flowers are beautiful. Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. I hope you have a great week!


  5. Your Grandson looks to be ready for an amazing adventure. He’s a cutie-pie.
    Monarch butterflies and blutterfly plants are a lovely combination even with a glare.
    I enjoy seeing the red, white and blue flowers again. They’re really pretty.


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