Good Fences #120

Good Fences

It looks like a good fence-finding mission is in my future–running low on new shots to share. This is another from our Colonial Williamsburg visit. The colors would have made a nice post for Independence Day with the red, white, and blue. There’s so much going on in this garden, it’s a good thing they fenced it in! 

I look forward to returning to a regular posting (and blog-reading) schedule soon. It’s been hit-and-miss lately with so much going on. I should take notes when the thought comes to mind to share all the randomness in my head. (Scary thought!)

Have a lovely day!


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23 thoughts on “Good Fences #120

  1. gorgeous flowers behind that fence.. my blog is all the random stuff that pops through my mind.. and the purpose of my blogging is to have the outlet to let it go from my mind. that and photos


  2. Beautiful. I never tire of your photos of ‘Colonial Williamsburg’.
    Sharing all the randomness in your head doesn’t sound like a Scary thought! It sounds quite intriguing. I say, take notes and bring it on.
    Not to worry, It’s a blog not a baby sitter, I’ll be here whenever you post or visit.
    Have a restful and pleasant time.


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