Friday’s Hunt v2.1

Friday’s Hunt

This week we’re hunting for something that Starts with A, Week’s Favorite, and Macro

Artwork at the beach


Week’s Favorite

American Goldfinch

American Goldfinch on Bee Balm



Fowler’s Toad seen at Fredericksburg Battlefield

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34 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v2.1

    • Thanks! Ha, toads aren’t necessarily “my thing,” but it held still so I took its picture. It’s a reminder of a hike with my grandkids. They don’t miss much! They found a box turtle, too, but I didn’t get a shot of it.


    • Thanks, Dor. I can’t take credit for it, I was scrambling to find something that starts with “A!” It is nice when it comes together and looks like it was planned! LOL


    • Thanks, Pix! Those teeny tiny tree frogs are so cute! I tried to keep one in a jar in my room when I was a kid. It died and I felt so bad for having done that. Good morning!


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