Wild Bird Wednesday – #204 Great Blue Heron

Wild Bird Wednesday

Sorry I haven’t been able to visit as much this past week, life’s been a little busy around here. 

This was taken ten days ago, when I escaped to the botanical garden where all is right with the world. Or so it seems. A raccoon foraged for food about 3:00 in the afternoon. That seemed a bit early for a nocturnal animal, but considering it was spring, there were probably little ones somewhere waiting to be fed. My camera is still acting up, and I couldn’t get a decent shot of it. Frustrating. 

I walked my usual trail, hoping for some birding activity. As I neared the dock where I often see the Great Blue Heron, that’s where my gaze was focused, off to the right of the path. As the path curved left ahead of me, I caught movement in my peripheral vision. Turning my head, what do I see but the Great Blue Heron smack in front of me in the middle of the trail, holding a fish! We were both startled, and since it had wings, it took off for the dock. 

Content with what might be a decent photo, I moseyed on my way and hadn’t gone far when I saw what I believe to be the underside of an Osprey close overhead. Sorry, no photo of that one, either. That could explain why the heron sought the cover of the tree canopy, evading others that might want to snatch away his dinner. 

Linking to Wild Bird Wednesday where anyone can join in the fun, or just stop by to see birds from all over the world.

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron


23 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday – #204 Great Blue Heron

  1. Patti, that is a beautiful bird! Such a great picture. His feet kinda crack me up… 😀 We used to have a Great Blue Heron down at the pond but when the crazy new neighbors moved in it quit coming around… 😦


  2. what a beautiful capture!!! i like the detail in his white, back feathers. i would take this any day over a raccoon image!!! gorgeous!!!


  3. The last few times I have been down I have not been able to get to the botanical garden. It is another wonderful place to walk around. Great shot of the Great Blue Heron.


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