Fences in My World

Fences in My World 

Good Fences #115
WATW (Wednesday Around the World) – on Thursday. 

Once again I have a picture to share from Colonial Williamsburg. (This link is to the Wiki version.)


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28 thoughts on “Fences in My World

    • Thanks, Eileen. The sun was bright that day. I did have a happy day, thank you. 🙂 An early morning appointment had to be changed so I got a little more sleep and managed to accomplish quite a bit this afternoon. Enjoy your weekend!


    • Thanks for teaching me a new fence word, Ali. A lot of the old fences are made with square palings, something I’d never seen. There are quite a variety of designs to be found on the top edges.

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    • That was an auto edit, I tried to save the photo with blaring sun – and this is how it turned out. I almost deleted it, but thought twice – it does show a fence!


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