Wild Bird Wednesday #200! – Osprey

Congratulations, Stewart, on 200 Wild Bird Wednesdays! Thanks to all who participate and make this possible. This week on WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY, I’m sharing a day in the life of an Osprey.ย Clicking on a photo brings up the slideshow, and scrolling over an image reveals the captions.


29 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #200! – Osprey

  1. Great photos. I love Ospreys, they remind me of our time spent on the Potomac River when CH was assigned to DC. We watched a family of Ospreys there every Spring and Summer for four years. Love your shot of the floofy white feathers shot from below the branch!


    • Thanks! There are a lot of Bald Eagles and Osprey along the Potomac. How nice to get to observe them. It’s hard to get anything else done! I couldn’t believe he actually flew closer to us. Maybe he thought we were bringing lunch.


  2. love the nest shot… we love osprey here. there are 3 big nests in the park where bob flies his planes. they are so beautiful and take great care of their babies. the male fishes, brings it to the female and she rips it up and pokes it in the babies mouth while he keeps guard.


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