Good Fences #113

Good Fences #113

This fountain greeted us as we exited the theater earlier this week. We saw The Abolitionists documentary regarding the efforts of a small group of dedicated warriors to free as many as possible from the scourge of human trafficking. If you have the opportunity to view it in your area, I hope you’ll go and support this important work. 

I just happened to notice a fence in the background so I’m sharing it with you and Good Fences this week. 



30 thoughts on “Good Fences #113

  1. lucky you, to see the fence!! no need to let it get in the way of that beautiful fountain!! have a wonderful weekend!!!


  2. I see the fence in the background. It’s amazing how many fences there are in this land of ours. I am looking out the window of our motorhome and what do you think I see? A fence. I probably would not have noticed it had it not been for the attention you give to fences. Blessings to you, Patti…


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