Wild Bird Wednesday #199 – Tricolored Heron

Wild Bird Wednesday #199 – Tricolored Heron

Hubby and I hiked at First Landing State Park last week, and saw this Tricolored Heron high in a tree – a life bird for both of us. (The first time we’d ever seen one). 


Tricolored Heron

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37 thoughts on “Wild Bird Wednesday #199 – Tricolored Heron

  1. He sure is a beauty I think I may have seen one. We have a lot of herrings here but the tricolour is not as common. Thanks for all your comments on all the blogs yesterday.


    • I was finally getting caught up. I have to keep an eye out to see what you’re up to, and not getting into trouble! LOL Or at least if you are, I can come bail you out. 😉


    • I guess it was doing some sightseeing from up there. The perch was not too far from some Osprey nests, it may have wondered where the good fishing spots were!


    • That did seem a little odd, but I saw a Great Blue Heron atop a tree at the botanical garden once. I went up in the overlook, and there just below stood the heron! From the ground, I probably wouldn’t have looked to the top of the tree (where they nest). Now I know to keep looking up!


  2. Great picture! We always see them flying above our house to look for a pond with fishies 😀 Never seen them sitting in a tree, but Granny saw them sitting on a street sign once…MOL 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


  3. How lovely! I see blue herons and what I always called snowy egrets quite frequently on my walks around here in Illinois. I don’t know much about birds so if the world’s rarest species was right under my nose I wouldn’t know it.


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