Friday’s Hunt

Friday’s Hunt v1.17

This week we’re looking for Begins with Q, Week’s Favorite, and At Rest

This double-wedding ring Quilt was made by hubby’s maternal grandmother. She said it was to be given to her first grandchild that got married. Being the oldest sibling sometimes has its perks! My secret is out, I married him for the quilt.IMG_2779

My Week’s Favorite isn’t the best photo, but I  enjoyed watching a pair of American Robins gather mud and grass in tag-team fashion to build a nest. DSCN4065

The Blue Jay appears to be At Rest in the Vitex, probably waiting for someone to fill the peanut feeder. DSCN4051I’ll link up to Eden Hills blog before the cut-off, but we have a birthday girl to celebrate until then!


25 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt

    • I agree, I got a great husband (40 years) AND the quilt. What a deal! We have only one child, so it will go to her, then she has to decide who of her seven children gets it! We had a nice weekend, thanks.


  1. And a beautiful quilt it is too! I have a couple of heirloom quilts too, one made by my grandmother and the other by my hubby’s grandmother. Plus I have extra special ones made and quilted by my mom, who was an amazing quilt maker. 🙂


  2. That quilt is beautiful! What a wonderful family treasure. I can see why you like the robin image. It’s amazing how they can make nests sturdy enough to last through the spring weather. Great image of the jay! Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week.


    • I’m having fun with Friday’s Hunt. It’s just the right size for me. I’ll be out of town and not posting this week. I should be back in time for the following Friday, though.


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