Monday Madness/Randomness

Monday Madness Randomness

1. Found these pretties in my wildflower garden today.

Golden Poppy










2. I had a couple visitors while I was out there, too.

American Robin
Northern Mockingbird










3. Hubby moved the birdbaths to mow the lawn. I snapped a shot of Lady Mallard standing where the birdbath was supposed to be. 

4. Sunday afternoon we took a short drive. It looks like the fishing is good here. 

Two Great Egrets and a Great Blue Heron. There were two more egrets out of the frame.

5. Hubby’s coworkers gave him a gift card to a nice little bistro. We used it Sunday evening. 

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34 thoughts on “Monday Madness/Randomness

  1. The Ducks’ proud pose Akers me laugh:) The herons are so elegant in whatever they’re doing! what do you know, in my (already prepped) post ofr next week, am sharing also the poppy:)
    Such a variety here of living out Spring! Many thanks for being a part of SEASONS! Can’t wait what you’re going to share next week (no pressure!). Have a happy week and “see” you very soon:)


    1. Thanks for hosting. Seasons is a great meme. I’m impressed that you’re prepped for next week. I’d like to get caught up, can’t even think about getting ahead right now. My visiting time is limited for a couple of weeks – I’ll be sharing more about that soon.


    1. Those two little blossoms and the azaleas are all that’s blooming now. The rhododendron bloomed earlier. I guess it was in a hurry! There are signs of buds forming on the yarrow and Asiatic lilies. The iris’ leaves are getting taller every day. I hope they don’t bloom while I’m out of town!

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  2. i can’t decide what i like best, the birds, the flowers or that marvelous bistro. what a cute place and nice co-workers!!!


    1. We tend to eat at the same places, so it was a treat to try something new. The colors and the lighting made for great atmosphere. They have outdoor seating, but it was a bit too chilly to be out there. We may have to go back when it’s warmer.


    1. Yay for the Mockingbird finding your abode! We have a pair, and they’ve come to the feeder together the last couple of days. The Blue Jays have been around more. A lady robin excused everyone from the dinner table last night. She cleared the yard! Apparently, they got the message they weren’t welcome.


  3. I love Madame Mallard, she is so pretty.. very nice gift to the bistro, it looks like a place I would like to visit. love the bright gold flowers and i saw a mocking bird just like yours on our fence at dusk last night


  4. I love the Mallard. lol That’s a peach.
    All your photos are wonderful. The flower and birds look as if I could reach in your blog and touch them.
    The Bistro is quaint and looks to be a nice place to enjoy a meal.


  5. Love the wildflowers. We used to have those golden poppies in one section of our yard when we lived in Tucson the first time. The birds are great. And what a nice place to eat…nice of hubby’s co-workers!


  6. beautiful flowers and cute birds…i am laughing at the duck sitting where the bird bath should be 🙂 looks like a nice place for dinner, hope you enjoyed it! thank you for linking and sorry it took me so long to visit! have a great weekend!!

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