Good Fences #108

Good Fences #108

Here’s another fence from New Bern, NC, one that should keep folks from falling into the water. 


Those are not my shoes.

good fences


38 thoughts on “Good Fences #108

    • I’m pretty sure he was fishing over on the dock, further up the shoreline. I don’t know why he left his shoes all the way over there, unless he knew I needed a photo to share on the blog!


    • I wondered the same thing. There was a barefoot young man fishing from the dock area, and he walked back over to the boardwalk, so I thing they may have been his.


  1. what a great capture!!! here at the jersey shore, peeps always leave their shoes on the boardwalk so they can walk barefoot on the beach!!!!!


    • There’s a lot of deep, dark water on the east coast. Some is black/brown from the tannin in the roots of Cypress trees, etc. that stand in it. Glad you liked the shot. Blessings to you, Carol Ann!


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