Random Thoughts and Shots

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 78
Random 5 Friday

1. If you want to see birds, go where there is water and people with food. It’s like a magnetic attraction or something.DSCN39862.  The vinca is becoming one with the chain-link fence. I might just let it.IMG_27433.  Lots of birds were soaking up the sun at the waterfront in New Bern, NC. I was a little surprised to see a pigeon hanging with the gulls.


Pigeon near bottom, just left of center

4.  Found this in the wildflower garden.IMG_27445.  This pavilion sits on the waterfront near the marina, adjacent to the convention center. I wonder how they keep the copper roof looking so nice.
DSCN3958That’s it for this week’s randomness. Linking to:http://aruraljournal.blogspot.com/2016/04/random-5-friday_8.html8616512946_a8c5cf857d_o



16 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Shots

    • I wondered about that, too, it being paint. Copper usually doesn’t stay that color long, so maybe that’s the answer. The pigeon, hanging out at the edge of the group, looking for its people. 😉 I really didn’t take any along for the ride with the intent of leaving them there, though I may have threatened to do that when four dozen showed up in the backyard and emptied the feeders.

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  1. i would leave your fence just like it is. beautiful. maybe the pigeon is adopted? a step sister? once at the bay we saw about 20 different birds all standing on the sand together. gulls, several types, pigeons, sparrows, pelicans. it was amazing and the only time i have ever seen that many together… i have a photo somewhere. maybe they spray wash that roof, it sure is pretty.


    • It’s a lot less work to leave the vinca as is, so it’s unanimous. Following storms there seems to be quite a mixed variety of birds. I didn’t expect to see so many different ones there. Copper trim here turns to a verdigris patina rather quickly. Maybe it is a metallic paint. I can’t imagine along a body of water it would stay like that for any length of time, otherwise. I do like the look of it. I’ve noticed copper is the new metal in home decor. I doubt we’ll be making those changes. We started out with antique brass, which was “in” at the time. As we had to replace fixtures, we updated to brushed nickel. We haven’t gotten all those done yet! Always something coming along to get us to spend money.


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