Friday’s Hunt V1.15

Friday’s Hunt

Starts with O, Week’s favorite, spring or fall  




American Black Duck

 Week’s Favorite – American Black Duck waving ‘hello’


Fall – Gingko leaf



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31 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt V1.15

  1. Oh, I love the bridge photo. It brought back instant memories from childhood when we waited in the family car for one of those and my parents called it “the singing bridge” because the metal hummed as we finally went across.


  2. Beautiful series! I don’t get to see those great bridges around here. Not much need with corn fields. Beautiful duck. I love that fall leaf. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. I do hope you have a great new week.


    • Ha! No, I don’t guess there’d be much need for a drawbridge in a field of corn! If you had to wait on a drawbridge regularly, you’d probably be happy not having one! Thanks, I hope you have a great week, too.


  3. Love the opening of the bridge – it reminds me so much on my country of origin (Holland) where there are many bridges (because there are many canals and rivers:) ) and, hello duckie! Many thanks Patti, for adding the fall leaf for SEASONS! A great capture:) Have a great week and see you back very soon!


    • I bet you are in love with the duck, considering it being a bird and all. This is the biggest duck I’ve ever seen! Thank you for taking time out from viewing your favorite videos to visit!

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    • That can give one an odd feeling. I get that way walking on docks, too. Those bridges are truly a masterpiece of engineering. We sat and watched it from our vantage point (had several opportunities in a short period of time). Thank you for visiting! I’ll return the favor, but it might be Wednesday before I get there. I have a writing deadline this week.


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