Good Fences #107

Good Fences…
And a house, and a Magnolia tree…

We drove south to New Bern, NC, over the weekend. We found all kinds of good fences in this historic town. The one I’m sharing this week became a fast favorite. I fell in love with the fence, the house, and all else encompassed on this lot. 


Initially, I only had eyes for the fence. Task-oriented people have a tendency for tunnel vision. At least, I do. Reviewing the photo in-camera to see if the fence was satisfactory, I became aware of the massive tree trunk behind it. How did I miss that! I went back for a closer look.


The trunk belongs to this magnificent Magnolia. As you can see in the next shot, it stands taller than the four-story house next to it.


Magnolia on the left. 

I love this curved Mansard roof! Actually, I love everything about this house – except that it needs a LOT of work to return it to its former glory. I’m thinking a Go Fund Me page is in order…Donors could have their very own room when they come to visit! 

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28 thoughts on “Good Fences #107

  1. Great pictures, Patti!! That looks like a very old iron fence and the beautiful old tree and house just adds so much to it.


  2. that fence is super and the tree is awesome and amazing.. wow.. love the house and the little tiny fences it has for trim. this would make a great place for a spooky movie and they could use the money to fix it up. love the post


  3. a pretty fence and a gorgeous home, it just needs someone to love it again. and could that sky be any bluer??? wow, so nice to see that!!!!


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