Good Fences #107

Good Fences…
And a house, and a Magnolia tree…

We drove south to New Bern, NC, over the weekend. We found all kinds of good fences in this historic town. The one I’m sharing this week became a fast favorite. I fell in love with the fence, the house, and all else encompassed on this lot. 

Initially, I only had eyes for the fence. Task-oriented people have a tendency for tunnel vision. At least, I do. Reviewing the photo in-camera to see if the fence was satisfactory, I became aware of the massive tree trunk behind it. How did I miss that! I went back for a closer look.

The trunk belongs to this magnificent Magnolia. As you can see in the next shot, it stands taller than the four-story house next to it.

Magnolia on the left. 

I love this curved Mansard roof! Actually, I love everything about this house – except that it needs a LOT of work to return it to its former glory. I’m thinking a Go Fund Me page is in order…Donors could have their very own room when they come to visit! 

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