Good Fences #106

Good Fences


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48 thoughts on “Good Fences #106

    • Thanks, Christine. There are so many developments where they’ve stripped the land of everything then built huge houses. The neighborhoods look stark with no trees.


  1. the perfect spot if your a goose!! and a wonderful slope, i can see myself sliding down to get closer to the water. one day i will disappear and you will know it was an accident, me, trying to capture the moment!! hehehehe

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    • I posted another area of this fence (on a fly-by and in need of a Good Fence)! I liked this serene setting. Tree n Bushes sounds right up my alley! Thank you! My posting has been erratic lately, and I haven’t had time to visit much. I’m trying to do better and will check out your meme.


  2. I love the clump of trees, too, and love the Canada geese. I know some people consider them a nuisance, and maybe I would too if I had to deal with them all the time. But I love them anyway….right now.


    • I like the geese, they’re so photogenic–and slow-moving. LOL Of course, they’re not in MY yard. They do leave a mess on the sidewalk in the neighborhood where I walk. They even have their own “Geese Crossing” sign to warn traffic as they move between two bodies of water.


    • I think there were chairs on the patio area when the weather was nice. This is outside a medical/physical therapy building. It would be a nice place to wait.


  3. I see the fence in the background. What a gorgeous photo! Steve has an iPhone 6 plus. i took a few photos with it today, but they aren’t as impressive as this one. You are really good at photography. Blessings to you, Patti…


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