Good Friday, 2016

Good Friday, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 No. 76
Friday’s Hunt v1.13 brought to you by the letter M, Week’s Favorite, and Bird or Wings
Today’s Flowers #401

1. Mr. & Mrs. Mallard having a little conversation over dinner. 

Starts with M

Starts with M

I was in the backyard taking pictures when our neighbor’s son came home from school. He walks through our yard to get to and from the bus stop on the next street over. He turned to see what subject had my attention and exclaimed, “A duck!” He whipped his phone out of his pocket and said, “I have to get a picture of this!” 

2. The starling darlings monopolized the pedestal birdbath after I cleaned it.


Bird, and Wings, too – European Starlings

3. The American Robin (male) gave up on them and and settled for the birdbath on the ground.


Week’s Favorite

4. The Loropetalum is in bloom.


Today’s Flowers – Loropetalum – Fringe Flower

5. Mr. Mallard is one devoted dude. He stood like a soldier for the longest time while the Mrs. grazed for food, stood in the birdbath doing her yoga leg stretches, and then she finally settled down for a nap.


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69 thoughts on “Good Friday, 2016

  1. Your loropetalum is gorgeous. Love those darling starlings enjoying the freshly cleaned bird bath. Looks like your young neighbour is catching your photography enthusiasm. Have a wonderful Easter!


  2. I can’t decide which photo of the birds I like best, they are all amazing photos. so you have a budding photographer next door… about the fire hazard yesterday…. it is not as dangerous as it looks. I lit the candle and while it was burning I stuck 2 matches in and liked it so much I did the 3 matches at one time to get the flare… I just squeezed 3 matches tight together and held my camera in the other hand and SNAP instant fire flare.

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    • And a nature photographer at that. When he was just a little guy he pointed to the bee balm and wanted to know what kind of plant. I tend to drop things, so I wouldn’t trust myself to hold lit matches and the camera, too!


    • Thanks, Janna. I love the gentle quacking noise as they roam around the yard. We had a restful Easter after church. Hubby didn’t get back from his dad’s until after midnight, so we didn’t get much sleep before we had to help with Kid-Check prior to the early service.


  3. Mr. Mallard is asking Mrs. M if there is some catsup in the fridge.
    I love your birdbath picture, we have been talking about getting one as some birds are drinking and monkey bathing in our pool where the spa overflows into it. But we are afraid that it would attract even more birds. Then when the bath has no water gobs of birds would use the pool.


  4. Looks like the mallards are having an argument!
    Great shot of the robin and the starlings are having a great time in the bird bath. : )


  5. Love the mallards! I think ducks are so much fun to watch. I have to admit that I do like starlings too. They might be a nuisance, but I think they are pretty. Thanks so much for joining Friday’s Hunt. I hope you have a happy Easter!


    • Starlings are beautiful. Before I paid much attention to birds, one day at a stoplight I saw them in the median strip looking for food and noticed how the sunshine reflected off their iridescent feathers. I just hope they can find my yard again when the mosquitoes arrive!


  6. What great shots of these ducks and other birds! I especially like the action shot of the the starlings shaking in the birdbath! And that tree is absolutely gorgeous…looks alot like a redbud! Thanks for all your sweet comments on my posts. I hadn’t shared it in a post yet since I’m not sure what will happen but the bluebirds are gone…never even built a nest. A female was hanging around again but I haven’t seen her lately. I do hope they return but am giving it more time before posting. Hope you had a wonderful Easter Sunday!


    • Thanks, Debby. We had a restful Sunday afternoon. Hubby had been out of town until after midnight Saturday night, then early service at church. I hope the bluebirds return. The color of the Loropetalum is similar to the redbuds that are in bloom now, but these have “fringe” flowers.


  7. I’d love to know what those Mallards were saying to each other! 🙂 And your birth bath photo is so great! Action shot! And…the color of that bush! A few weeks yet until we have that much color here. Can’t wait!

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  8. Am late (I mostly am:) ) for seeing your posts on Fri Hunt and Good Fences. Love the bird bath! You captered it so well!
    Also inviting you for a challenge I started a month ago, ‎ where anything or any experience during a season goes! Thumbnail link is open from Mon – Wed till 7pm, Pacific time. So, you can still link up. Hope to see you there with one of your beautiful images! Have a happy week!

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    • The next frame, he dove in head first, but I shifted the camera too much and barely got him in the photo! Yes, he probably wanted to discuss politics over dinner.


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