Skywatch Friday and Friday’s Hunt v1.12

Skywatch Friday


Friday’s Hunt

Starts with L: #LanternAsia at Norfolk Botanical Garden, can’t wait to see this illuminated from within at night. 


Week’s Favorite


Osprey recently visiting last year’s nest at the industrial park


Miss K on the slack line wearing her blue shoeLACEs.

Miss K on the slack line wearing her blue shoeLACEs.

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Skywatch Friday
Friday’s Hunt



36 thoughts on “Skywatch Friday and Friday’s Hunt v1.12

    • Thanks, Margaret. I attended a writers workshop Saturday morning, ran errands, and welcomed a nor’easter! Wind and rain for the weekend, so we’ll be staying indoors. The official start of spring arrives, too!


    • At least she isn’t far off the ground. Our son-in-law runs obstacle races, so he has all kinds of fun things in the backyard and the neighborhood kids enjoy the challenges. This slack line was set up in the kids play area at one of the races.


    • There isn’t much lace around our house, so I looked up the definition to see if I might have something that would qualify. I found the reference to shoe lacing. So, I wasn’t all that clever, after all. 😉 Thanks for sharing your link!


    • I hope to get more shots of the lanterns. From what I read, they’re made of silk fabric, and have LED lights that are lit in the evening. I’ve passed the Osprey nest a couple more times, but no sign of activity yet.


  1. I’m liking this, Patti. I’m glad you told us that the bird was an osprey, otherwise li would leave thing I’d seen a pretty eagle. The peacock is pretty too. I know you will get to see it lighted by April.
    Your “Miss K” is pretty, cute. The shoeLACEs is clever. I didn’t think of those kind of laces.


  2. Great offerings for Friday. Hunt, Pattie, especially like shoelaces:) While I was scrolling down I saw several beautiful photos, especially the butterfly, and the quilt -my goodness, wow!
    Inviting you to my new meme/challenge Seasons where any experience during the season goes. The link is open on Mon – Wed. till 7pm, Pacific time in my post “Seasons-Spring has Sprung”. You need to go to my blog to link one of your beautiful photos..When you come to the post, at the bottom you click on “Click Here.”
    Fill in on the first line fill in your url, etc. Choose ” to web” or “to File” which will reveal your media library. Click on one, and voila you’re done! Hope to see you there!

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    • Thanks, Shirley. I imagine they are spectacular when illuminated. You’ll have to let me know what you think of it. Linn has a busy work week and a visit to his dad, so it’ll be another week before we go.


  3. Miss K. is adorable! Looks like she’s having a lot of fun. I heard about this display at the garden and understand they had to close the place down for a while to set it up. I’m going to have to take a trip there next time I’m in the area. Thanks for visiting. Have a great week!

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  4. oooooh that peacock, that is quite beautiful!! our osprey have returned from winter break and i can’t wait to see and photograph them!!!!


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