Friday’s Hunt v1.11 and Today’s Flowers #390

Friday’s Hunt
Today’s Flowers

This week we are hunting for things that start with K, Week’s Favorite, and Flower.

K: Having fun on Uncle Mark’s kart 



My favorite for this week is a Ring-billed Gull balancing on a light fixture.


Week’s Favorite

The flower (Camellia) was found on a walk in one of the city parks. 

Flower - Camellia

Flower – Camellia

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44 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt v1.11 and Today’s Flowers #390

    • Thanks, Darlene. Our SIL and one of the granddaughters made multiple laps around the house on the go-kart, laughing and squealing the whole time! Had a productive, good weekend. Hope yours was, too.


  1. love the shot of the gull. when i came out of walmart this morning at 7:15 the parking lot was full of screeching flying gulls. it was so beautiful i stood and listened. i love to hear them in early morning.


  2. Go Karts are a lot of fun. My Dad built one years ago and my sister and I used to love to ride on it. Sure they have changed a lot by now. I love the sea gull picture, good balance. Lovely color and bloom on the camellia.


    • I don’t know if go-karts have changed, or not. They’re pretty basic. My brother-in-law built one for his boys when they were younger, and he decided to bring it with him to WV. Our grandkids (and BIG BOYS) loved it.


    • They had a blast on the go-kart, Linda. Thanks! I saw a lot of daffodils in a yard in our neighborhood. The redbud trees are blooming, as are the tulip magnolias, and the Bradford Pear trees might be starting to pop, too. I do love this time of year.


  3. Hello Patti, the go kart ride looks like fun! I love the pretty gull shot, the sky is beautiful. The camellia is lovely. Wonderful finds for the Friday’s hunt! Happy Sunday, enjoy your new week ahead!


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