Trouble Afoot

Trouble Afoot

After my car’s oil change, I realized I wasn’t far from Ocean View city park in Norfolk. This is an area undergoing massive redevelopment along the shore of Chesapeake Bay. It has a history of crime, and the city is working hard to remove that scar from its body. Sadly, many citizens are displaced, no longer able to afford housing in that area. 

I shouldn’t have been surprised when a scuffle ensued. 

Apparently, a Ring-billed Gull ventured onto American Crow turf. The squawking could be heard over the entire park.

A European Starling served as referee of this tag-team match. The gull was undeniably outnumbered.

Back-up arrived, created a diversion…


…and the gull made its escape…


…and I got to practice birds-in-flight photography!

31 thoughts on “Trouble Afoot

      1. No problem. I meant to tell you, we have two big crows flirting and cavorting with each other (it is spring isn’t it) all over out back yard. It is driving the pups crazy. Sometimes they will just stare at each other and then the dogs will start barking and the crows cawing back at them. It’s hilarious.

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        1. I’ve spied a pigeon doing his dance display, which is fun to watch aside from the fact it means more hungry beaks to feed. The dogs and crows interacting must be quite entertaining.


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